Types Of Care

End of Life Care

At Cara Care Centre, our approach to End of life Care is based upon the quality of life of residents and their families facing the problems associated with life threatening or terminal illness. The primary goal of Cara Care Centre End of Life Care Policy is the early identification, thorough assessment and early intervention in .. read more

Alzheimers Care

Providing care to a person with Alzheimer’s disease can take its toll on the person providing the care at home. At Cara Care Centre, we believe that no matter how the disease affects the individual, it is important to treat he/she with dignity and respect. We understand that although certain abilities will be lost, our .. read more

Elderly Day Care

It is widely recognised that Elderly Day Care provides an invaluable service for enabling older people to stay in their own homes. At Cara Care Centre, we recognise the fact that older people wish to stay in their own homes where at all possible and have a range of services to support this including day .. read more