Elderly Day Care

It is widely recognised that Elderly Day Care provides an invaluable service for enabling older people to stay in their own homes.

At Cara Care Centre, we recognise the fact that older people wish to stay in their own homes where at all possible and have a range of services to support this including day care and respite care.

Cara Care Centre offers older people who are living at home, an opportunity to take advantage of day-care services, or become involved in a range of organised social activities.

New friendships are often the result and it is an ideal way to improve or maintain life skills without feeling the need to give up independence.

Naturally, this is a benefit to anyone finding life a little difficult at home on their own, but it can also be a welcome break for Carers who need to know their loved ones are cared for professionally – once a day, or once a week, depending on individual needs.

Services provided include:

  • A comprehensive nursing assessment of health needs and the development of a plan of care
  • Physiotherapy
  • A varied activity program
  • Meals – all our menus are drawn up in conjunction with a dietician
  • Personal care including bathing, chiropody and hair-dressing
  • Liaison with a General Practitioner and Public Health Nurse where appropriate