Alzheimers Care

Providing care to a person with Alzheimer’s disease can take its toll on the person providing the care at home. At Cara Care Centre, we believe that no matter how the disease affects the individual, it is important to treat he/she with dignity and respect.

We understand that although certain abilities will be lost, our resident’s feelings will remain with them, and we’re available to offer them care, companionship and a sense of belonging.

We provide activities and interactions that bring a sense of joy and celebration to our residents. This is very beneficial in adding to our resident’s quality of life.

Our Alzheimer’s unit includes a sensory room and all the up to date facilities for specialist Alzheimer’s care.

This unit has been specifically designed with the needs of the Alzheimer resident in mind. It is spacious, bright and very importantly, secure.

There is an activities co-ordinator for the unit who provides activities especially for our Alzheimer resident and a team of fully trained nurses and carers.

We provide a caring community to enable our residents to enjoy life.